Sweatcoin Review 2019: Is It Worth It And Legit?

Sweatcoin review

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I recently stumbled upon Sweatcoin which is an app promising to pay you for simply walking. The concept is simple. Your steps are turned into Sweatcoins that can be used in the marketplace or to cash out.

Sounds too good to be true? I thought so too, so I decided to check it out.

I found out it has been featured on a few reliable sites and has received relatively good reviews online.

My overall takeaway is that Sweatcoin will most likely not make you rich, but I can make you some money. Read on if you want more details.

Is Sweatcoin legit or a scam?

I don’t believe Sweatcoin is a scam. I have successfully purchased on their marketplace, and I don’t believe they overpromise anything concerning the potential of the app.

Sweatcoin has more than 5 million users and has raised more than $5.7 million in a seed round from Goodwater Capital.

Sweatcoin has also been featured in a few prominent newspapers/magazines such as TechCrunch, New York Times and Forbes.

The only thing I would highlight is that some people initially complained about the accuracy of the tracking, but as far as I understand, this has improved significantly since the app started, and I haven’t experienced any trouble with it.

My experience using Sweatcoin for the first time

I decided to download the app for iPhone to see what it was all about. The app is quite smooth and the sign-up process is quite simple.

You have to give the app access to the number of steps you take per day in the “Health” section of your phone, as well as allowing it to track your location. Being quite mindful of what I allow to track me, this was the thing I was least happy with.

I guess the tracking makes sense since that is what they need to assess how many Sweatcoins I am earning… and I guess that is partly how Sweatcoin makes money (by selling data). Although the official purpose of the app is to make people more fit, I assume the data is more valuable for the company behind.

As soon as you have signed up, it starts counting your steps and you start earning Sweatcoin.

Click here to download Sweatcoin and start earning money by walking

How much money can you make using Sweatcoin?

Now that the app was up and running, I was, of course, interested in whether I could earn some serious money with Sweatcoin.

The short answer is no. I found out that I’m not going to get rich from this. However, since I just have to walk around with my smartphone (which I do anyway), I thought a little extra money couldn’t hurt.

For every 1,000 steps you take outside (you do not earn steps in your house), you will earn 1 Sweatcoin.

I have now used Sweatcoin for a week and have earned a total of 13.58 Sweatcoins. I used it during my vacation where I spent the majority of the time in a sunbed, so I am sure it would be higher at home.

How much is a Sweatcoin worth? Since you get 1,000 USD for 20,000 Sweatcoins, a Sweatcoin is worth 0.05 USD.

This means that from a week of relaxing in a sunbed, I earned 0.679 USD, so nearly a dollar. Do you see why I’m saying I probably won’t get rich from this?

Even though it’s not a lot, I still use the app because why wouldn’t I make a bit of money when I have to walk around anyway?

Click here to download Sweatcoin and start earning money by walking

How long time will it take you to earn 1,000 USD using the Sweatcoin app?

Now, I thought this would be an easy question to answer, but it turns out it is quite hard to answer.

Before I’ll answer the question, you should know a few more things about earning Sweatcoin (SWC):

  • Sweatcoin charges 5% commission for every 1,000 steps, meaning that 1,000 steps are only worth 0.95 Sweatcoin
  • You can earn a maximum of 5 Sweatcoin per day or 150 Sweatcoin per month, but four different membership tiers will allow you to increase this. If you pay 30 Sweatcoin per month to join the “Breaker” membership tier, you will be able to earn 20 Sweatcoin per day and 600 Sweatcoin per month, which is the highest
  • You can earn 1 Sweatcoin extra per day if you visit the app and watch an ad
  • If you refer someone to Sweatcoin, you earn 5 Sweatcoins

So to answer the question of when you can get a payout of 1,000 USD, let’s assume the following:

  • You are in the highest membership tier earning 600 Sweatcoins per month at the cost of 30 Sweatcoins
  • You visit the app every day to watch the ad (1 Sweatcoin extra per day)
  • You refer a friend every second week (5 Sweatcoins extra every second week)

The different membership tiers in Sweatcoin (the current highest tier is ‘Breaker’)

Under these assumptions, you will be able to earn the following in one year:

  • + 12 months * 600 Sweatcoins = 7,200 Sweatcoins for walking
  • + 365 days * 1 Sweatcoin = 365 Sweatcoins for watching ads
  • + 26 weeks * 5 Sweatcoins = 130 Sweatcoins for referring
  • – 12 months * 30 Sweatcoins = -360 for the highest membership tier

The total is = 7,200 + 365 + 130 – 360 = 7,335 Sweatcoins per year.

This means it will take you 2.73 years to earn 1,000 USD using the Sweatcoin app.

Remember I told you, this will not make you rich, but it could earn you an extra 366 USD per year with very little effort.

If you want to cash out faster, you could team up with a friend you trust. Since you can send Sweatcoins, you could send him/her your Sweatcoins to reach 20,000 Sweatcoins faster to cash out the 1,000 USD.

Click here to download Sweatcoin and start earning money by walking

Now, I haven’t told you the full story, and there is a faster way to cash out and earn money using Sweatcoin, but it requires a bit more effort on your side. You can earn money by becoming a Sweatcoin Influencer.

How can you earn money as a Sweatcoin Influencer?

Once you have referred 30 people to Sweatcoin, you automatically become a Sweatcoin Influencer.

By being a Sweatcoin Influencer, you get access to a special marketplace with other deals, you get more money and you will be able to cash out faster.

As of November 21, 2018, the minimum payout is seemingly 100 USD for influencers, and influencers earn $100 for every 50 people they invite, but this is the best it has been so far, so expect it to change in the future. Now, if you have a wide network or a blog like I do, you can start making a bit more money using Sweatcoin compared to just using Sweatcoin normally.

What else can you spend Sweatcoin on?

If you don’t want to wait for the minimum payout, you can also spend Sweatcoin in the marketplace in the app.

The marketplace offers a variety of things such as cheap memberships on famous apps (I found a meditation app cheaply that I considered paying for in full), consumer goods (TVs, smartphones, watches, etc.) and travel items (cheaper flight tickets, etc.).

Screenshots of the Sweatcoin marketplace

I usually prefer to just cash out and save the money, but if you find a good deal, Sweatcoins can be used on that too.

What are the pros and cons of Sweatcoin?

I believe there are quite a few pros and cons of using Sweatcoin.

The main advantages are:

  • It’s free to use
  • It’s super easy to get started
  • It’s super-low effort
  • You can make real money and not only a digital currency
  • You have a larger earnings potential as a Sweatcoin Influencer
  • You get fit by having an incentive to walk more
  • The app has a marketplace with decent offers
  • The app is simple and beautiful

The main disadvantages are:

  • You are giving away your location and steps data for free and allow Sweatcoin to resell it
  • You need to be patient to get a decent payout
  • You will most likely not become rich or earn a lot of money
  • The membership tiers and the 5% commission is a bit hard to understand

Who is Sweatcoin for?

The big question is now: who is Sweatcoin for and should you install it on your smartphone?

If you want to earn a few extra bucks every month without really doing anything, and if you don’t mind giving away your data to a third-party, then I believe Sweatcoin is a sound option.

If this sounds like you, you can sign up for Sweatcoin and download the app by clicking here.

I will continue to use it for a while to see whether I can make some money on it and follow up on this blog.

Sweatcoin review conclusion

Overall, I believe Sweatcoin is a good way to make some extra money and it seems legit. It will not make you rich, but it will make you some extra dollars every month with a minimum effort. And why not give it a shot when you walk around anyway?



Pradeep November 20, 2019 - 21:24

Step conversion to Sweatcoin is not good.
For example, if I have about 2000 steps (the first 2000 steps of the day),
I get close to 1.5 sweatcoins. The next 2000 steps or so, I am either
getting 0.29 or 0.38 stepcoins. Not that I am too concerned about
how much sweatcoins I earn, but the way it converts. In my words
the conversion is not right at all. One can argue that my steps
are not right or whatever claims they may have. But facts are facts.

Carl Jensen November 21, 2019 - 17:07

Interesting. I haven’t observed how it changes over a day, but so far I max out many days regardless.

Big MAK November 11, 2019 - 21:04

The Sweatcoins app is having a problem of converting the steps. I reported the problems on Nov 5, 2019, and Nov 10, 2019. On Nov 5th, I drove to the park and walked in the park for about four and a half miles (10,027 steps). The app gave me $0.29 of Sweatcoins. On Nov 10th, I walked from home to the park and back (a total of 7.5 miles or 15,946 steps.) The app gave me $0.38 of Sweatcoins. I captured the screens and sent to the support group as a document. Both times, I got a generic email reply back each time. I don’t think they look into the problem or care to look into it. There’s NO support whatsoever. I am looking into using a different app. Does anyone have any sugestion? Regardless, I will terminate this app from my iPhone.

Carl Jensen November 12, 2019 - 22:13

Thanks for sharing your experience. I haven’t tried anything like what you describe, but I hope you find a solution 🙂

DRD October 30, 2019 - 17:48

Over 1,700 hard-earned sweatcoins suddenly disappeared from my app, followed by no response from Sweatcoin to my emails & tweets (I had not changed my email address or anything on my phone). After I stopped using the app on 9/27/19 (while awaiting a response from Sweatcoin), I continued to receive weekly “payslip” emails from Sweatcoin advising that I had earned sweatcoins (which I did not earn & which did not appear in my app). Sweatcoin has shown a lack of candor & integrity. As this app is not reliable, I have uninstalled it.

Carl Jensen November 3, 2019 - 11:31

I’m sorry to hear that. I haven’t had any issues with that, but hope their support will resolve it for you.

Daniel October 14, 2019 - 09:18

There is a message that the sweatcoin used to purchase marathon offer must be earned by myself. So whether the app could detect the source of the coin or not? Does anyone try that?

Carl Jensen October 14, 2019 - 19:56

I haven’t experienced that. When do you see that happening?

Ethan May 30, 2019 - 17:29

This was said in settings in the app on the Health page under the title how does SWEATCOIN make money: “We make money off our partnerships with brands in our marketplace and we are starting to establish partnerships with big healthcare and insurance partners. Longer-term, we are committed to working with national and local governments in helping them achieve their goals of making their citizens/residents more physically active.” does this sound safe to you? Local governments? What does this exactly mean?

Carl Jensen May 30, 2019 - 21:52

As I read it, they want to help local governments with improving the health of the citizens.

Ethan May 29, 2019 - 21:29

What do you mean by they are selling the info to a third party? Is this harmful in the long run? Is this safe?

Carl Jensen May 29, 2019 - 22:16

I don’t know for sure they are, but I would assume that. I’m not worried about it, but if you want details and a definitive answer, I would advise you to contact Sweatcoin directly 🙂

Precious May 24, 2019 - 16:30

Can i earn money with no invites?

Carl Jensen May 24, 2019 - 16:55

Yes, but it’s not as fast 🙂

Erica M May 17, 2019 - 14:44

I assume this app has to be open 24/7 for it to work? Or does it track in the background and upload info like a fitbit can? I am curious about battery drain as my phone seems to drop constantly anyway in that area…😏

Carl Jensen May 17, 2019 - 21:36

It runs in the background, but I haven’t had battery issues because of it. I just checked my battery status and Sweatcoin used 1% of my battery the past 24 hours. I guess the only way to find out is to try 🙂

Erica M May 17, 2019 - 21:40

Awesome to know thanks!

shaveen perera May 7, 2019 - 13:24

yeah i saw that, is there anyone who get 1000 $ by sweatcoins

Carl Jensen May 7, 2019 - 13:31

Yes, I have seen examples of that, but that will require you to refer friends too.

shaveen May 7, 2019 - 11:40

note – all sweatcoins used for purchase must be earned by you
so we cant get a help form firend?

Carl Jensen May 7, 2019 - 12:49

As I understand it, you are correct, Shaveen. You have to earn the Sweatcoins yourself, but there is a possibility to transfer Sweatcoins to a friend inside the app. Click on the wallet and then “Transfer” and enter their username if you want to do so.

Benard Derival February 4, 2019 - 14:26

This app is incredibly worth it and I vouch for it. Making the money goes by alot faster if you’re inviting people as well. I have 400 invites and if u multiply that by 5 , you get 2,000 swc. Also keep in mind, if you get 30 invites, your eligible to get unlimited paypal vouchers, and that’s where the money is.

Carl Jensen February 4, 2019 - 22:38

Yes, you are right. If you walk enough AND refer friends, your earnings improve a lot 🙂


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