Our Financial Independence Journey: Monthly Update #52 (July 2021)


I hope you are enjoying the summer to the fullest!

It’s been a while since I have posted updates here.

Honestly, I simply haven’t had the time. After 51 consecutive months of updating, I missed a few months 🙂

It doesn’t mean that I have given up on the blog, nor that I am no longer pursuing financial independence. As you will see below, quite the contrary is the case.

We have been busy with projects in our new house, taking care of two kids, working, and enjoying a relaxing and long vacation.

The July financials

Our savings rate has reached a new steady-state in the 20s. The main reason is consistent expenses related to finishing the renovation of our house. We will soon be done, but I have said that for a couple of months now. When we are done, the savings rate will increase again.

Since the last update, our net worth has increased quite significantly due to numerous factors. Firstly, real estate prices continue to increase which adds to the value of our property. Secondly, the returns on the stock market have been in our favor. Lastly, I have received stock payments from the company I work in that also added some. Looking a year back, our net worth has increased approximately 40% even though we have had serious cash outflows. I am quite proud of this, and it shows that the markets work in your favor despite not adding a lot to our savings.

As you can see, we are still on track. The next milestone will be to become a USD millionaire as well – “only” 188k USD to go now.

Thanks for reading this update!

Have a great evening.


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