Our Financial Independence Journey: Monthly Update #47 (November 2020)

Update 47

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas friends 🙂

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday with your friends and family to the extent that COVID-19 allows you to.

I’m fashionably late again this month, but I promised myself I would make a November update before the year is over.

It’s a very fast version of an update where I have thrown in a few graphs.

Once we end the year in a bit under a week, I will make a longer update summarizing the progress on our financial independence journey in the past year.

The November financials

Ouch, a savings rate of 0%. Actually, we did save some money in November (equaling a 45% savings rate), however, we are setting the money aside for house improvements. Ultimately, it will likely result in a real estate value increase that will be reflected in our net worth overview eventually.

Our net worth increased by 0.7% in November to 3.725 DKKm (0.573 USDm). We are now 80% of the way to having three years’ expenses in liquid assets and 53% towards our optimistic FI goal (14% towards the traditional FI goal).

The increases in net worth were primarily due to stocks, pension, and CC increasing despite a 0% savings rate.

That’s it for November. I am looking forward to showing you the overall progress for 2020 next week 🙂


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