Our Financial Independence Journey: Monthly Update #46 (October 2020)

Oh my, I am really late with the monthly update from October this time. It’s already December, but I promise you that even though the posts are not as frequent as they used to be, I am still saving, counting beans, and tracking my FI journey each month!

I got to tell you. A lot is happening in the MoneyMow household at the moment with big (financial) decisions on kids (in plural), house, and car.

We expect a child in a few months, we have just moved to a new (older) house that we are renovating and are very close to buying a car! How’s that for a month?

The October financials

October was a weak month in terms of savings. Ever since we decided to move to a new house, the costs have accumulated just as fast as the excitement about moving from an apartment to a house with a garden.

I expect that our savings rate will be lower for the next six months while renovating the house before we return to more normal levels again – the real estate value will increase substantially.

Our net worth decreased by 2%, corresponding to a little less than 100,000 DKK (15,400 USD) due to the simple fact that moving houses roughly cost us that amount. The cash payments to lawyers, real estate agents, moving company (as my wife is pregnant, I could not the heavy lifting myself), and so on.

Stocks are performing despite the COVID-19 pandemic, but the total net worth is dragged down by selling/buying real estate these months.

The coming months will be more volatile compared to the past few years of more or less steady increases. We see this phase of our lives as an investment in having a place to live where we can grow old.

Thanks for continuing to read my updates. See you in December! 🙂




Piridoxal November 27, 2020 - 00:17

Well, congratulations on the baby!

Carl Jensen December 25, 2020 - 13:40

Thanks a lot, Piridoxal!


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