My Life Bucket List: 43 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

Life bucket list

If you are following this blog, you know that I am going to make the most of my life before I die.

I have long wanted to make a list where I set concrete goals for different things I want to do in life.

I therefore bring to you… my life bucket list!

How my life bucket list will be used

Being a consultant, I naturally want to make my bucket list specific, measurable and realistic. It should be very clear what it is I want to do, how to measure whether I have done it and be attainable (it cannot be a goal that can never be completed, e.g. “stay out of debt”, or something impossible).

I don’t see the life bucket list as the only way to have a successful life, nor do I see completing it as my overall purpose in life.

I will make sure to live life to the fullest on my way towards achieving these goals and never stress about the ones I don’t make any progress on. Even if I complete half of them, my life can still have been a very well-lived life. The items on the list are merely aspirations that I will try to pursue.

I want to keep my life bucket list open for new things that I want to do and be able to remove things I no longer want to do.

I want to check in on my life bucket list once a year and write an update on my progress on this blog.

I don’t want to include things I have already done.

Enough talking? Let’s get to the things on the list:


  1. Get married
  2. Get minimum three kids (I do not have kids at the moment)
  3. Move to a house outside the city (I live in an apartment in the city at the moment)


  1. Give food and shelter to a friend in need
  2. Be a best man at a wedding


  1. Have a savings rate of 75% on a rolling 12-month average
  2. Achieve financial independence before age 33
  3. Invest in a startup


  1. Have an interesting and challenging part-time/part-year job
  2. Have an unpaid, meaningful job
  3. Be featured in a large Danish newspaper/magazine with early retirement
  4. Be featured in a large global newspaper with early retirement


  1. Have a weekly charitable job for minimum a year
  2. Collect money for a charity minimum five times


  1. Be active four days a week for minimum a year
  2. Do yoga every day for minimum a year
  3. Be a vegetarian for minimum five years
  4. Do not drink alcohol for minimum a year


  1. Have more than 100,000 unique visitors in a month
  2. Have more than 1,000,000 unique visitors in a month
  3. Get a mailing list of more than 10,000 emails
  4. Earn an online income of more than $5,000 per month
  5. Write 52 articles within a year


  1. Visit more than 100 countries
  2. Live abroad for more than one year
  3. Go on a minimum 10 day yoga retreat abroad
  4. Go on a +100 day hike
  5. Visit Antarctica


  1. Join an amateur soccer club
  2. Do a skydive without an instructor
  3. Run a marathon
  4. Get a rescue diver license
  5. Attend minimum one year of dancing classes with my girlfriend


  1. Perform a concert on a guitar
  2. Be able to play a classical music piece on piano
  3. Join a choir for minimum a year
  4. Write a book on personal finance
  5. Sell a book on personal finance

Lifestyle & other shenanigans

  1. Take a professional cooking class
  2. Live a CO2 neutral life for minimum a year
  3. Throw out my alarm clock for good
  4. Go to a nudist beach
  5. Try to be silent for more than 10 days

That’s it! My life bucket list. If I get to do all of these things before I die, I will die a very happy man indeed – even half of them would be a success!

As you will see, many of the items have a “minimum” condition, which means that I can always choose to extend them if it adds value to my life and happiness.

Now it is your turn! What is your most important life bucket list item?



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Christian Jakobsen Petersen November 7, 2017 - 21:35

Hi Carl

Love the bucket list.

I did 1 day silence once, it is hard. But it also gives you some profound learnings. It has given me tremendous respect for silence. It also teaches you to look at other forms of communication like eye contact or body language.

For the nudist part, Berlin (not far from Denmark) has some great nudist lakes and also check out BadeSchiff (nudist sauna) on the Spree.

Thanks for sharing this. Are you also keeping a record of the bucket list you have ticked off? It is good to appreciate the experiences you have had as well.


Carl @ MoneyMow November 8, 2017 - 22:35

Hi Christian,

Great to hear from you! 🙂

I could imagine that being silent can be quite hard. I really want to challenge myself with it, as I am usually very talkative and outgoing – I’m considering going already next year on one of the Vipassana’s.

Thanks for the tips on the nudist part. It seems like we have many of the same items on our life bucket lists. What have I missed? 🙂

I do have a bucket list of things I have ticked off – I might publish that soon!

All the best,

Christian Petersen November 11, 2017 - 11:30

Hi Carl

Interesting, I am probably the opposite. More like introverted, although I work in sales/consulting. Recently heard Arianna Huffington say: “I think, I am an introvert because I never get lonely with myself. I do like to interact and be social, but I also enjoy time on my own.” Would really like to hear about your yoga and meditation experience, have tried but struggle seeing the benefit.

Hahaha, since I am an introvert I used this to bring out of the comfort zone. For instance, back when I accept my first sales role, I did it purely to break my fear of talking on the phone. Now it seems silly, but back then it was a huge item on my bucket list: “Be comfortable on the phone”. Other Items would be Improv classes, Copy-writing, Chinese (in process), Couchsurfing, get below 100 Kg, get below 90 kg, become a dad, become a great dad (in process), learn to play 1 song on guitar (process). Many other things.

I really like the way you themed the bucket list. If you dont mind I will borrow/steal that idea 😉

Would love to see the list and get inspired.


Carl @ MoneyMow November 12, 2017 - 21:08

Hi Christian

Very interesting to hear your thoughts! I am quite extroverted, but I definitely need “alone time” as well to recharge my batteries.

Sounds like some very cool items on your bucket list. Would love to try improv classes too – and super cool that you are in the process of learning Chinese.

If you are learning to play guitar, I can highly recommend the app Yousician (for computer and smartphone) – it is a great way to learn. It is free for 20 minutes per day.

Also, I only have limited experience with yoga and meditation, but I have really learned to enjoy it. I can highly recommend YouTube as a place to find good yoga classes (I enjoy it a lot more when I am alone compared to being in a class with many people), and the app “Headspace” for meditation.

Of course, feel free to borrow the idea 😉


Mikael October 13, 2017 - 13:04

Fellow dane here – Awesome list, and a great blog. I’ll definitely follow your journey toward FIRE.

Carl @ MoneyMow October 14, 2017 - 13:27

Hi Mikael,

Great to hear from you – and thanks a lot for following! 🙂

Are you on a journey toward FIRE yourself?


Mikael Laursen October 16, 2017 - 15:10

Hi Carl.
It’s a yes and a no. My wife and I currently invest every month in dividend stocks with the purpose to travel the world, when our kids are grown ups in twenty years or so. We also try to cut our day to day expenses as much as possible to make it possible for both of us to work 30 h/week or less. Not currently possible unfortunately.

Carl @ MoneyMow October 17, 2017 - 19:52

Very interesting, Mikael!

I really like the ambition of working less than 30 hours per week – I would like to do something similar.

I will have kids in my life in a few years too, and I am looking forward to seeing how that will impact the financial independence journey.


WWE October 8, 2017 - 16:12

Awesome list you’ve got there Carl! I’m sure you’re heading towards an exiting future. Lot’s of nice things on your list I would like to do myself. Would also like to read about your 100 day hike someday 🙂

Carl @ MoneyMow October 10, 2017 - 22:14

Thanks a lot, WWE! 🙂 I am considering taking the Pacific Crest Trail one day – it looks amazing!


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