A big part of personal finance and financial independence is simply knowing the maneuvers. Knowing what kind of bank account to open, what kind of loan to apply for, what forms to fill out. That sort of thing. Part of the reason the rich pay so little in taxes in this country is because they know these things.

You have probably thought to yourself, “There is no reason the system should be so hard to understand.” Well, we agree. That is why we founded this site, after all. Our purpose has always been to bring clarity and truth to the most obtuse and mysterious elements of finance.

To do that, we have had to go deep. And the thing about finance is that it is a lot like cave diving: The deeper you go, the more costly a single mistake can be. And we do not play dice with our advice.

So, we have brought on some specialists. We have hired on the aid of Banc de Binary, a binary options trading site. If you do not know, binary options are widely considered the bleeding edge of finance.

It is one of the easiest to learn security trades, but far and away the hardest to master. Getting a handle on it requires knowledge of the economy and its trends that extends back to the past, appreciates the nuance of the present, and has the foresight to adapt to the future.

We cannot rightfully pursue our course of educating people on personal finance if we are not doing everything we can to get it right. So, Banc de Binary will join the team to hold us to account.

What Banc de Binary Offers

While we will channel their expertise into the same personal finance guides you have come to expect from us, Banc de Binary themselves will continue helping you trade in binary options.