How Much Money You Need To Retire Early (The Simple Answer)

Fellow MoneyMowers, Today, I’ll give you the simple and easy answer to how much money you need to retire early. The answer may sound too simple, but truth be told, many advanced, multi-step methods might end up with answers that are roughly the same. A little warning before we start: As with anything simple, you should not […]

The Two Best Investments You Will Ever Make

Today, I’ll talk about good investments. In fact, I’ll tell you about the two best investments you’ll ever make. If you expect me to outline a new “get rich quick” financial investment, you will be disappointed. Actually, the investments I will talk about do not include stocks, bonds, funds or any other asset classes. I […]

Why You Should Avoid (Nearly) All Types Of Debt

As you know, a personal finance blog has to have at least one (hundred) article(s) on debt. I’ll start with dealing with what I consider the number one rule of debt: You should never have any of it. Period! … except, of course, some debt that you might need – more about that later. Why […]

The Bulletproof Way To Financial Freedom And Early Retirement

In this post, I’ll show how you and I can become financially independent and retire young. The best thing about it? Everyone can follow the exact same strategy. It involves no magic, risky investments or lottery wins… … but it involves hard work and discipline to succeed with it. Before we get started, let’s agree about […]

The Best Personal Finance Blogs Of 2017 – According To Data

Fellow MoneyMowers, Welcome to the Oscars of personal finance blogs (or perhaps just a simple garage study – call it what you want). I have made a list of the best personal finance blogs of 2017 – based on data. The methodology warriors amongst you will probably kill me before they have even see the list. […]

Why You Don’t Need Things – And A Few Things You Need

Things! Things everywhere! In this post, I will go through why you don’t need things and how you should think about things. I will also cover a few things you might need and alternative ways to get things. Most people I know have filled up their lives with too many and too expensive things. Their houses […]