Want to know when you can retire?

Fill out the details below to find out when you can achieve early retirement and financial independence

As you can see from the early retirement calculator, the most important metric to measure is your savings rate. The higher the savings rate, the faster you can retire early.

The early retirement calculator shows you when you can retire (and therefore at what age you can retire), but it does not show you how to retire early or increase your savings rate. You can follow my journey towards financial independence and early retirement to see an example. You can also browse through my blog to get concrete tips on how to retire early, achieve financial independence and increase your savings rate.

Assumptions for the early retirement calculator

The early retirement and financial independence calculator is based on a variety of assumptions. You can read about the equation used here.

The most important assumption in the calculator is related to the safe withdrawal rate that is based on the Trinity study of safe withdrawal rates. I am confident that 4% is a safe withdrawal rate. Others will say 5% is fine, whereas some argue that 3% is more safe. You should make up your own mind and change the assumptions accordingly to get your retirement age.

Finally, another key assumption in the calculator is the 5% annual return on investment after taxes and inflation. I believe this number is fair, but you can never know what the returns will be in the future. Fluctuations in returns might impact at what age you can retire and achieve financial independence.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions related to the calculator or financial independence/early retirement in general.


NB: This calculator is for informational purposes only, and you should always seek professional help before making any investment, life or other decisions. Please read my disclaimer and terms & conditions.