Big Cars Vs Small Cars: Why Small Cars Are Better

Whether you’re buying your first car or thinking about shifting to a new one, you may be torn between buying a big car and a small one.

Before you do that, please consider whether you should not buy a car at all – I have not owned a car for many years, and it is great.

If you decide to own a car, then you should make an informed decision, I can tell you about my opinion of the advantages and disadvantages of big cars vs small cars. Let’s get started.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Big Cars

Here are the pros and cons of having a huge vehicle.



One of the main reasons people prefer to buy big SUVs rather than small ones is because of space. Larger cars have more room not only for people but for their belongings as well. These cars could easily accommodate more than 5 passengers plus the driver. Also, you get to have more foot area and space inside the car to allow movement and a more comfortable ride.

Off-road capabilities

So, if you are a person who loves to travel on rough or high-level roads, then you should opt for a huge vehicle. Vehicles such as Ford Ranger, Everest, etc. could easily eat out those bumpy and uneven roads while maintaining stability and comfort inside the vehicle.



Because they take more raw materials for their construction, it is highly expected that huge cars more often than not are more expensive than smaller vehicles.


Although they have fair chances of parking in a large lot, this wouldn’t be the case in street parking. With these huge vehicles, you may have a hard time looking for a parking space to insert in.


These heavy-weight, large cars typically consume more fuel than smaller cars because they require more fuel to keep them on the go.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Cars

Like big cars, smaller cars also have their pros and drawbacks. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that are good to know.


Easy to drive and park

Smaller cars are much easier to drive, especially in narrow streets. They are maneuverable, making them a perfect car if you are living in cramped neighborhoods or if you usually pass by busy city streets. These cars don’t require too much effort in parking, unlike bigger vehicles that simply cannot fit easily into parallel parking spaces in the streets.

Better mileage

Probably one of the main advantages of smaller vehicles is having smaller engines. While they may not be as powerful as larger cars, they compensate big time by allowing better mileage. A good example would be hatchbacks that could run 35-40 miles per gallon. With this, owners get to save not only money but the environment as well. After all, frugality can go a long way.

Lower cost

In contrast to larger vehicles, smaller cars take lesser materials to make; this translates into lower vehicle prices. Plus, they require lesser maintenance due to their smaller engine. As a personal finance blogger,  I believe this should be enough to convince you!

Good performance relative to the cost

Smaller cars offer a decent price-to-performance ratio. They can accelerate quickly and halt swiftly, that many larger trucks and SUVs cannot make. And with the lower price, you get to enjoy great performance without breaking the bank.



Although smaller cars can still offer comfortable accommodations, sadly, they can only do so for fewer passengers. Unlike larger cars that have a good space for footwork and movement, smaller cars can only allow limited movement. Also, the storage capacity of these cars is only good for a few things, or else, passengers will have to put the extra baggage on the passenger side, making it all the more squeezy and tight. There are some tips though that can help you make a compact car more spacious.


Because smaller cars only have lesser space, styling it to extremes may make it look overrated and consume the space allocated for passengers. However, you can still style it, just don’t overcrowd it as much as possible.

Why are small cars a much better choice?

Even though small cars are generally slender, they offer far more than what most people think. One of the most important aspects of these small cars is their contribution to the environment. This is mainly because these cars only utilize lesser fuel to be on the go. With this, lesser fuel consumption would mean lesser pollution, thus contributing in a way to save the environment.

These cars only require less maintenance, insurance, and cost for fuel. Their value also seems to hold a little longer than huge vehicles.

Aside from pure economics, smaller cars are easier to park. They also require less effort and time looking out for parking spaces. Parallel parking on the streets is just as easy as 123. These and more make smaller cars the more practical choice overall.

Yes, you might sacrifice a little on room for passengers and baggage but I promise you, it will be worth it. If you still require extra capacity sometimes, consider just renting a large vehicle for those occasions. There’s no need for you to keep a large monster in your garage for the majority of a year just because of a few occasions. It will most likely be cheaper just to rent a large one occasionally.


Cars not just only transport us to where we want to be but make the ride safer and more comfortable at the same time. Big cars, as well as small cars, have their advantages and disadvantages. However, considering the environment, convenience, and money, it is safe to say that smaller vehicles are a much better choice.

Your turn: What do you prefer? Big cars or small cars?



Gentleman's Family Finances July 16, 2020 - 23:28

Maybe the question is car or no car?

Carl Jensen July 18, 2020 - 18:39

Yes, that is an even better question I addressed in this post:

I have stubbornly biked for many years, but the time has come to get a family car – a cheaper one with good fuel economy though 🙂

Nick July 18, 2020 - 18:53

Good choice! :p

I like the newer Kia Ceed too, but it’s a tad smaller than the Octavia, and the engines doesn’t really compare to the ones from VAG. The 7 years warranty from Kia is a major plus though!

Good luck on your car search. How is the house hunting coming along? 😉

Carl Jensen July 18, 2020 - 20:31

Sounds interesting. How new does the Kid Ceed have to be?

We are still hunting, but are closing in on a few targets 😉

Nick July 19, 2020 - 21:27

I would go for the 2019 model, but it will be tough to find one at the same Price point as the Octavia 😛 you could most likely get a good deal on the 2018 model, but the 2019 is a lot more appealing to look at, if you ask me 😛 But that’s subjective of course…

Carl Jensen July 22, 2020 - 11:36

Thanks for the tips, Nick, my car encyclopedia! I’m currently looking at 2015 Octavias 😉

Nick July 16, 2020 - 18:39

You’re forgetting one important factor: ride comfort.
Selecting the right car depends on your driving needs (and your budget I guess).
The smaller cars are a lot less sound dampened, and are thus horrible to drive long distances. If you regularly drive longer trips I wouldn’t want to drive a small car (micro, mini or super mini). The Golf-class has some cars that are ok to drive, but I’d prefer the Octavia/Passat class if I regularly drove long distances. If you live in/around the city it doesn’t matter that much – then I agree that the easy parking abilities might outweigh the noise levels on the highway.

In terms of best value for money (in DK) I’d go for a 2015(ish) Skoda Octavia with the 150hk engine 😉 It’s built on the same platform as the VW Golf, but it’s bigger and cheaper..
But that’s just me! I drive a Renault Zoe and a Skoda Rapid, so what do I know!? 😛

Carl Jensen July 18, 2020 - 18:43

That’s a great point, Nick! I don’t drive long distances regularly though (yet!).

I really like your recommendation of a Skoda Octavia from 2015 because I actually have a search agent right now for Skoda Octavias newer than 2015, 150 hk engine, automatic gear and gas. I know you are a car expert so that gives me some comfort 😉


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