About Me

Thanks for stopping by! By being here, it must mean that you are curious about who I am and why I am blogging about financial freedom and early retirement. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet, but if you want to know more, please always feel free to contact me directly.

Who am I?

MoneyMow Carl

My name is Carl MoneyMower (it actually isn’t, but I can’t reveal my true identity – yet) and I am 26 years old (this is true though). I sort of look like the guy in the picture on the left.

I live a normal life in Copenhagen, Denmark with a great girlfriend. “Normal life” in the sense that I am very privileged to be living a free and safe life (as many people in developed countries are, but few people globally are), have a job and am healthy. Being from Denmark, I even enjoy free healthcare and education. Free?! I know it sounds crazy, but in theory it actually isn’t free – it comes at a cost of a 50-60% tax rate on all income.

I work as a management consultant in an international consultancy, thus I get to work quite a lot of hours during the week (too many I and my girlfriend would argue). However, through my work I have become extremely skilled at solving complex problems and making strategies for Fortune 500 companies. These skills are very useful for this blog. Is this leading anywhere? Yes, read on!

Why blog about financial freedom and retiring young?

There’s one overaching reason why I am obsessed with the topic of achieving financial freedom and retiring young:

I want to spend all of my time with people and on things that really matters to me

That’s it! That is my ultimate goal – simple as that! No grand plan of becoming a gazillionaire and live a Dan Bilzerian lifestyle.

I will actually go as far as saying that I genuinely believe this should be the goal of every single human being on the planet. And the best thing? I promise you that you will be able to achieve this too, but only through hard work.

I still haven’t answered the question about why I had to make a blog about the topic, have I? People like lists, so let me give you a list with three concrete answers:

  1. I want to keep myself in check and focused on the ultimate goal by making me accountable to the readers of the blog
  2. I want to help others achieve the early retirement and financial freedom – and live a better life
  3. I hope that all the knowledge I generate can be used to open alternative income sources

I know that you might have a lot of other questions by now. I have tried answering most of the questions in the Frequently Asked Questions section, but you don’t have to check there, feel free to reach out to me directly as well.

Contact me

You can always send me an email on:

Looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂