The 30 Fastest Growing Personal Finance Blogs Of 2018 – According To Data

This list is from 2018 – check out the 2019 version of the fastest growing personal finance blogs here.

Last year, I did two studies on the relative popularity of personal finance blogs. One study on the best personal finance blogs and another on the fastest growing personal finance blogs. Both were based on data scraped from different sources and the dataset covered more than 1,000 personal finance blogs.

It turned out to be some of my most read posts so far.

This year, I have decided to make an updated 2018 version of both lists.

Why have two lists? One covers all the big, established blogs. Another one covers all the rising starts in the personal finance blogosphere.

It’s the latter one you’re reading here: the 30 rising stars that are the fastest growing personal finance blogs of 2018.

Methodology to determine the fastest growing personal finance blogs

The methodology is very similar to the one I used to make the 2017 lists.

I have used the Rockstar Finance directory as a starting point, which gave me an initial list of 1,564 personal finance blogs to include in the study for 2018.

After getting the initial list, I used a mix of old, new and custom-built tools to scrape data for all of the different personal finance blogs.

The variables I used in the study were:

  • Alexa Rank
  • Root domains linking to blog
  • Backlinks to blog
  • .Edu/.Gov links to blog
  • Citation Flow
  • Trust Flow

For each blog, I found the difference between the 2017 data and the 2018 data.

I calculated the relative and absolute change from 2017 to 2018 for each blog and compared it to the growth of the other blogs. The blogs with a relative or absolute change in the 80th percentile got one point, and an additional point if the relative or absolute change was in the 90th percentile too.

The maximum amount of points a blog could get was 24. In the case of a tie, the blog with the highest combination of Alex Rank, Citation Flow and Trust Flow would be ranked highest.

There’s of course many ways you can question or improve the methodology, and I would love to include more variables in the future. However, I have relatively easy access to this data across all of the blogs, and even though you can always make the model better, I believe these metrics give a fair picture of the popularity and growth of the blogs.

For me, the most important objective with this list is not to have the best methodology ever invented, but rather that you find a new blog or two that you didn’t know existed. I know that I found a few new blogs to follow 🙂

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the fastest growing personal finance blogs of 2018!

The 30 fastest growing personal finance blogs of 2018

Out of the 1,564 blogs included in the study, the 30 fastest growing personal finance blogs received between 11-17 points out of the maximum 24 points. Only one blog got 17 points and therefore we have a clear winner this year!

Ladies and gentlemen, the fastest growing personal finance blogs of 2018 are…

  1. The Luxe Strategist (17 points)
    1. “Personal finance for people who like nice things. Based in New York City. I save 50% of my income and buy $400 shoes.”
  2. Guy on FIRE (15 points)
    1. “Guy on FIRE, is an average 20-something guy living in Washington, D.C. His friends call him Drew. Drew went from being in debt to building a net worth over $500,000 in four years. He is obsessed with the app Personal Capital, real estate, and the outdoors.”
  3. Dads Dollars Debts (15 points)
    1. “Figuring out personal finance to focus on the family.”
  4. Tiny Ambitions (15 points)
    1. “Minimalism, simple living, tiny houses.”
  5. 99to1percent (14 points)
    1. “Progress, Prosperity, and Financial Independence.”
  6. The Give and Get (14 points)
    1. “A personal finance, financial independence blog where a single DC attorney who pays off $118k in debt, saves enough to be financially independent and considers what’s next.”
  7. Chronicles of a Father with Cents (14 points)
    1. “Simple Life. Personal Finance. Family”
  8. The Money Habit (13 points)
    1. “Written by someone who retired at 28, The Money Habit covers money strategies that work even with life’s messiness. Retire early even with bumps along the way.”
  9. Minafi (13 points)
    1. “Exploring the intersection of minimalism, mindfulness and financial independence. Learn how to invest in your yourself – in more than just the finances.”
  10. Abandoned Cubicle (13 points)
    1. “Abandoned Cubicle is a blog about early retirement, personal finance, and living a purpose-driven life. My goal is to leave the rat-race behind in July of 2019, escaping the dreaded cubicle for good!”
  11. Corporate Monkey, CPA (13 points)
    1. “A Beacon of Financial Freedom for Freedom Lovers!”
  12. Military Dollar (13 points)
    1. “This blog is where military members can learn all about military pay and benefits, general personal finance, and how to simplify their finances.”
  13. I Dream of FIRE (13 points)
    1. “In pursuit of financial independence and personal fulfillment.”
  14. From Pennies to Plenty (13 points)
    1. “Growing Your Wealth & Happiness for a Plentiful Life”
  15. The Financial Journeyman (13 points)
    1. “Deciding to be free: My Journey toward financial independence”
  16. Atypical Finance (13 points)
    1. “A personal finance blog that encourages you to BE DIFFERENT with your money. Everyone is unique. Your finances should be that way too.”
  17. Frugal Asian Finance (12 points)
    1. “Your Personal Finance Space – Doing Frugal Finances the Asian Way.”
  18. Fiery Millennials (12 points)
    1. “Financial Independence from a millennial’s point of view.”
  19. A Gai Shan Life (12 points)
    1. “Fun Fact: “Gai Shan” is a Chinese phrase that means “to improve”; the Japanese equivalent “kaizen” is a philosophy of consistently improving one’s surroundings. It’s an appropriate motto & name for this blog which is about making a better life, one step at a time.”
  20. The Dumpster Dog Blog (12 points)
    1. “Learn about saving, credit, and investing without being bored to tears. Hilarious, smart financial advice and education for young women.”
  21. Reaching for FI (12 points)
    1. “A DC twenty-something’s adventures in pursuit of financial independence.”
  22. Married and Harried (12 points)
    1. “We’re Mike and Emily, high school sweet hearts that have been married for over 11 years with four rambunctious children under ten years old. Therefore, our three bedroom house in the suburbs is in a perpetual state of clutter and disarray. We certainly don’t have all the answers, but are hoping to learn a great deal more …”
  23. A Journey to FI (12 points)
    1. “My quest for achieving financial independence.”
  24. A Dime at a Time (12 points)
    1. “I’m Lucy and this blog is all about my journey of digging out of debt in my 50s. My husband and I have done stupid with zeros for far too long and finally said we have had enough. Time to get serious, pay off our debt and build wealth for our future.”
  25. Chris Reining (11 points)
    1. “Featured in The New York Times, TODAY show, and more, has taught thousands how to manage their money and career to become financially free.”
  26. Passive Income M.D. (11 points)
    1. “Financial Freedom Through Passive Income – Ideas, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Real Estate, Side Hustles, Family, and Medicine.”
  27. Married with Money (11 points)
    1. “The best place to talk about marriage, money, and how to manage finances as a childfree couple. Take control of your money. Live your best life, together.”
  28. Caroline Vencil (11 points)
    1. “Hey there! I’m Caroline; a penny pinching, cheapskate frugalista, hippie, mom to my three beautiful sons, and the wife to an amazing husband. We’re a normal family; we laugh, we love, and we drive each other crazy.”
  29. Mr. Free At 33 (11 points)
    1. “Your Financial Independence Coach”
  30. Waffles on Wednesday (11 points)
    1. “The Story of Two People and Their Path to Financial Independence”

Those were the 30 fastest growing personal finance blogs of 2018. I hope you found a few new, interesting blogs! 🙂

A few closing remarks

In the 2018 version, there’s surprisingly few reoccurring blogs from 2017. In fact, it is only “The Money Habit” that is featured in both years. I guess this is because most of those blogs can’t grow as much in relative terms when they have already become relatively large and established.

In case you wondered, MoneyMow ended up as #169 on the list, which makes it one of the top 11% fastest growing personal finance blogs.

If you are interested in knowing what position your blog (or someone else’s) ended up on, I’ll be happy to share it with you.

I hope that you found this list interesting. If you did, consider sharing it with someone else. If you didn’t, I’ll be happy to get your input on how I can improve the list for 2019.

Your turn: Did I miss any rising personal finance stars on this list?