The 30 Fastest Growing Personal Finance Blogs Of 2017 – According To Data

This list is from 2017 – check out the 2019 version of the fastest growing personal finance blogs here.

Three months ago I did a study on the best personal finance blogs of 2017 using the personal finance blog list from the Rockstar Directory covering more than 1,000 blogs. I gathered/scraped all sorts of data for all of the blogs to determine which of them were most popular. This post turned out to generate lots of traffic and good feedback.

Specifically this comment from Physician on FIRE (PoF) caught my eye:

PoF quote

The link to the YouTube clip is here.

I believe PoF is right. The list does to some extent favor ‘the rich boys’ that are of a significant size already, so I’ll try something different this time.

Since I now have a large data set with quite a few variables for all of the personal finance blogs, I decided to gather the data once again (i.e. now having a 3-month old historical and current data point). By comparing the old data with the new data, I will try to see which blogs have been growing the fastest in 2017 so far.

Hopefully, this data will show some of the up & coming blogs in the personal finance sphere.

Methodology to determine the fastest growing blogs

The methodology is very similar to the approach I used in the previous study.

I will use the same variables as last time, however, to determine popularity I will use both absolute and relative changes. The rationale is that the blogs with both high absolute and relative change have been growing the fastest and will come out on top. The variables I have used are similar to previously:

  • Alexa Rank
  • Number of indexed pages
  • Root domains linking to domain
  • Backlinks to domain
  • .Edu/.Gov links to domain
  • Citation flow
  • Trust flow

Check out the previous study, if you are interested in more details on these.

I know that you can use many different metrics and that my chosen ones by no means are exhaustive. However, I have good access to data on these variables across the 1,000 blogs and I believe they give a good indication of popularity and authority of a personal finance blog.

For each relative and absolute change in the variables that are in the 90th percentile, the blog receives one point – the blogs with the most points win (and if they tie, the trust and citation flow decide the blogs that end on top). The highest possible score is 14.

Let’s get on with it!

The 30 fastest growing personal finance blogs of 2017

The study found 30 out of 1,140 blogs to have between 8-12 points, where only one blog came out with a score of 12.

The study found the following blogs to be the fastest growing blogs of 2017:

  1. ESI Money (12 points)
    • “This site is about managing your money so you can become wealthy. I realize that “wealthy” is a moving target, but what you consider to be your “wealthy” is up to you. I simply share tips that have helped me amass a sizable net worth and you can pick and choose the most suitable for you”