7 Lessons I Learned From Investing In Cryptocurrencies

Lessons learned from investing in cryptocurrencies

I am one of the crazy cryptocurrency investors. I am definitely not a day trader, and I have only invested in three cryptocurrencies. I have advised everyone I know against investing in cryptocurrencies, but somehow I ended up doing it myself. I still do not recommend that people invest in cryptocurrencies. However, I have learned […]

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How To Be Happy While Pursuing Financial Independence

How to be happy

In the past year, I have struggled with finding the balance between pursuing financial independence and being happy at the same time. I have recently read a few things by Tal Ben-Shahar who is a Harvard University lecturer that teaches and writes about happiness and how to be happy. I have found his work very inspiring and it has […]

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Lucky You! The Next Financial Crisis Is Coming

Financial crisis

The next financial crisis is coming. I’m absolutely certain about that. I just don’t know when. Should you be worried about the next financial crisis? No, of course not! Unless you are not prepared for a financial crisis that is. I consider myself lucky to be on a journey towards financial independence. Already now, I […]

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